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Be a Supporter


Every employer who utilises the benefits of our workplace well-being services to reduce staff sickness, boost staff morale and reduce staff sickness costs automatically supports the work we do in the local community to support marginalised and vulnerable young people and adults across Cumbria, North Lancashire and the Yorkshire Dales.

Profits from our business services go straight into subsidising well-being services and training offered to our service users. In fact, some of the people we are able to help, through your support, move on to become 'service givers' by joining the Reconnection Team.

As a business client of ours, we would be proud to provide a link to your website to recognise you as a supporter of both your own staff's well-being, and the local community projects run by Reconnection. (You'll also be invited to display your organisation as a supporter of workplace well-being on your own website/letterhead with one of our badges, if you are happy to do so.)

Friends & Members

Our service users and their family support us in many ways: they can become friends, helpers, referrers, service givers, and can even apply to become a Member of our Community Interest Company (CIC) to help us run it.

We also consider a range of local charities, agencies and professionals (such as GPs) amongst our friends and supporters, who refer a lot of our service users to us.