Our heart: Why we do what we do…

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System failure leads to marginalisation

Social and health care provision in the UK is stretched to the point individuals must reach crisis point before they are taken seriously. The system is reactive rather than preventive. Without support, these people do not know where to turn.



Isolation and deprivation create barriers

There are many reasons the people we work with are unable to access the services they need, including rural and social isolation, lack of money, physical and mental disability, and even lack of transport.

We take our services to the local community

Our approach is different. We reach out to those in need, rather than expect them to find us. It is not about changing the system, it is about empowering individuals, giving them tools to tackle loneliness and isolation. We are re-building local communities, providing a much-needed safety net.


Our heart: who we are

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Eva Vavrova, Founder

Eva has 20 years experience in supporting individuals and groups with challenging life circumstances. She has developed a mixture of physical & mental health, and group dynamics, techniques through her world travels and study of social sciences, leadership, counselling, yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Eva's journey to setting up the Reconnection social enterprise was shaped by deep personal development following several crisis points in her own life.

Her preventive approach enables people to maintain healthy, content lifestyles in order to avoid crisis points, rather than dealing with them reactively after the event. Eva is particularly passionate about working with clients who suffer from loneliness and isolation, unable to access appropriate social and health care services.

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Tom Procter, Community Support

Tom became involved in Reconnection having seen the positive results of the services being offered, in himself as well as in others. Tom's loss of people close to him, along with his own health issues, had been taking their toll for a long time.

He thought he might be able to support Eva's vision and challenges by lending her a little of his time … how wrong could he have been! He is now a Director of the social enterprise where, thankfully, a distant memory of his working life in a bank means he is able to support the team behind the scenes while the real work goes ahead.

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Sarah Young, Workshops, Advisor and Delivery

Sarah has been working in a mainstream school for 10 years with children with learning difficulties. She has a particular passion for Autism. Sarah relishes the challenge working with Reconnection has given her and is excited to now be able to work with young adults with learning disabilities.


Richard Whiting MRSS, Therapist

Richard is a Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society, having studied at the Shiatsu School Edinburgh. During his training, Richard completed over 500 hours of training including more than 200 hours of peer reviewed hands on practice. The course focused on personal development, ‘Ki’ awareness, developmental exercises, and an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology and professional and ethical practice. In addition, Richard has been practicing Thai Chi, Yoga and hands on healing work since 1996.

The rigorous and extensive nature of this Shiatsu training sets the bar in holistic therapy and body work and has prepared Richard for solid professional practice over the long term, which he is happy to share within the Reconnection workspace.


Eva Mitchell, Therapist

Having been aware of the benefits of massage for many years, after returning to work having being a full-time mum, she decided to change her career to become a massage therapist herself. Eva recharges her batteries in nature and transfers this energy to her clients.

Reconnection allows Eva to do the work she is passionate about in a challenging setting, with vulnerable and marginalised clients.


Sabine Kovats, Therapist

Sabine has worked as a qualified Shiatsu Practitioner since 2012. For her, touch is the magic of Shiatsu which she uses to support a release of physical and emotional problems that can manifest in the body. She creates a space allowing a deep connection of body, mind and spirit. Instead of always doing you can just be

She feels honoured to share her passion within the Reconnection project.

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Suzie, Project & Fundraising Advisor

In spite of an acquired brain injury, epilepsy and complex needs, Suzie is a caring young lady in her 20s who is determined to live life to the full. She loves horse riding, animals, music, holidays and meeting friends.

Volunteering with Reconnection gives Suzie the perfect opportunity to work as part of a team, learn new skills, improve her life and social skills, and develop her independence.

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Andrew, Community Representative

Andrew is a very happy sociable young man, with a great sense of humour. He loves swimming and is a big fan of MUFC. He approaches everything with enthusiasm.

Volunteering with Reconnection supports Andrew in building independence and social skills, through the support he gives others.

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